Friday, November 11, 2005

Yes, I am actually quilting!

YEAH!!! Today I am quilting! I got the pieced back put on the machine this morning and I've got one pass quilted. Don't you hate it when you run out of bobbin thread about 5 inches from the end of a row? Never fails to happen to me. There are maybe three more passes to do and this quilt will be DONE! I am doing little loopy-loops and leaves. I think it looks nice and delicate - to match the quilt top. (You can see the quilting better if you click on the pictures.)

What is everyone else up to today?


Finn said...

It looks MARVELOUS! Three cheers for that one done and leaving...*VBS*

I'm out in the garage tying an all flannel quilt for my oldest son..*G* Yes, it's in the 60's in North Western WI today !! But they are saying snow and 32 degrees by Wednesday. I'd better tie faster..LOL
Love the machine quilting. I so admire that you can do that !!

Elizabeth said...

Very, very nice! Thank you so much! I was out running around all day, and you were there doing my quilting for me! I can hardly wait to have my new home done and my cuddly quilt tossed over the back of the sofa, and every time I look at it I'll remember the AQS show last summer. I love you a lot! Mom

Lucy said...

So simple, and so beautifull!!! maybe this looppatern is what I can try on my normal machine !

Darcie said...

Love it Sarah!!! Your loops and leaves look terrific. Don't you just love doing those? It's kind of like dancing, isn't it!

Well, speaking for myself here...if I *could* dance, that's just how I *would* dance!!! ;-)