Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Our first challenge, gone awry!

A few months after we moved away from Indiana, me and hubby got to go back for a few days while he attended a conference. Me and Nines enjoyed our few days together with much eating and shopping for the un-needed additions to our stash. Since we could no longer physically sew together, we came up with brilliant idea to make something together. We would each make two blocks two times and then exchange them so we would each end up with a wall hanging that we both had worked on. We went to JoAnn's to pick out the focus fabric. We must have been feverish at the time. We chose the hideous yellow fabric in the picture below. We chose it because it had lots of other colors in it to choose from.

About a month after I got home, I got a desperate phone call from Nina. The first words out of her mouth were "I can not work with this fabric!" I am not sure she has ever uttered those words before - or since. This is the woman who can take the most obnoxious of fabrics and turn it into something of grace and beauty. After calming her down, I tell her to go choose something new and to mail me a yard of it. Ok, that sounds good. Talk to you later. She calls back in about twenty minutes and says no, she is going to come up with something with the nasty fabric.

Anyway, we finished our blocks and mailed them off. Mine are the two simple blocks - hers are the ones with all the tiny little half-square triangles. Show off! Mine is now a finished wallhanging. Hers is four lonely blocks sitting in a box somewhere!


Finn said...

Love the wallhanging Sarah, it balances so nicely. I think the blocks ALL look good together. And the make and swap idea is alot of fun!

Debra Spincic said...

I have a few yards of that yellow fabric and Love it! so much for taste, huh??!

Holly said...

Like Debra, I really like the yellow fabric - and the friendship aspect of the quilt. It turned out great :)

Sharon said...

Ditto to Holly's comments. You did a great job of color balance, too!

Darcie said...

I rather like the hideous yellow fabric, too! Gosh...maybe it was just hideous until you girls worked your magic! ;-)

Great job!


Dawn said...

Well the hideous yellow fabric is really great in your wall hanging! And good for you that you finished it! To bad you can't get a hold of Nina's blocks and make her a wall hanging out of it for a surprise for xmas!

I think it is wonderful!