Saturday, November 12, 2005

The tension gets to me - literally

Today I found a backing fabric that I liked and went ahead and bought the six yards I needed. I can't figure out this store. It is not really a "quilt" store - it is a "sewing center". They sell Brother and Janome machines and all kinds of sewing stuff. Their selection of 100% cotton fabric has grown greatly in the past few years. I guess they can get the quilt store fabric because they are not a chain store. Anyway their cotton fabric ranges in price from $3.49 to $8.99. The brown backing I bought today was $3.49 but it had a really nice feel to it. I also bought 10 yards of batting. That will put a dent in your wallet!

So I got the backing pieced and the whole thing on the machine. Got one half a row quilted and ran out of bobbin. After I changed the bobbin, suddenly the tension was totally off. So after spending half an hour ripping out the bad stitches, I have to wrestle with the machine, trying to figure out what went wrong. Finally got things back on track. I got the first row quilted and I have called it quits for the evening. I can only handle so much aggravation today!

I decided to do a big meander on this quilt. I have not just meandered in a LONG time. It felt really weird and I had to pay close attention so I did not sew any loops into it.

Hope everyone else is getting some quilting of their own done. Have a great weekend!


Bonnie said...

Ugh..I feel for you having to do the unquilting thing!!

It looks great though!

Sharon said...

Doncha just hate that bobbin/tension thing? As if we don't have enough tension in our lives LOL!

Love the mix of fabrics as I see them on the roll!