Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I can't count!

Or maybe it is Blogger that can't count.  When I posted my last post, it showed that it was post # 399.  This past Sunday I got online, all ready to do a big #400 post giveaway, only to discover that Blogger was counting several draft posts in it's count.  So after deleting these, I am down to only 394 posts.   Imagine a sad face!  Anyway - I am hoping to be a good blogger and get myself back up to post # 400 in time for the new year.

What have I been working on lately?

This quilt is made from the left over Denyse Schmidt fabric from my Swoon quilt.  And there were still leftovers after this one - enough to cut a fat-eighth bundle for a friend's birthday and make a baby quilt and have a pile of squares left sitting here!  Maybe it is miraculous fabric - it replenishes itself when I am not looking.  This problem is not helped by the fact that Denyse keeps coming out with more adorable fabrics for JoAnn's.  Yes, I bought a few more half yard cuts a few weeks ago.  

Anyway - this quilt was made for my sister for her birthday.  She is always trying to steal my Denyse Schmidt quilt off my couch.  I have to frisk her before she leaves my house - because she would take it with her if I wasn't paying close attention.  To try and remedy this problem, I made her own DS quilt.   Happy birthday, Naomi!

These table runners are made from more leftovers!  The border fabrics and the red fabrics are all from the Christmas table runners that I made for my mom, sister, and myself last year for Christmas.  These two were made for my two sweet neighbors (and sewing buddies!).  I gave them to them last week so they could enjoy them during the entire Christmas season.    April has already sent me a text picture of her dining room table, adorned with the green table runner.  

After two months of too much substitute teaching, I am enjoying some nice quiet time at home... in my sewing room...doing whatever I want!  I will share more in the next few weeks!

Is Blogger misbehaving for anyone else?  I just did spell check before publishing this post and it highlighted about a dozen words - but only partial words.  For instance, it high-lighted MYSEL but not the f.  What's up with that?  Wierd!


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Reba said...

Love my table runner!! It looks great on my dining table. Thank you so much sweet friend❤