Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another month....disappeared!

This week, we are childless. Last weekend we met the in-laws in Birmingham for a charity event my father-in-law had organized. My MIL asked if the kids would like to come home with them for the week. I was a little nervous that one or both kids would get all the way to Little Rock and change their minds, but I think they are getting so spoiled that they might never want to come home.

So with a free week on my hands, you would think I would get to be in the sewing room but so far, not! Back in March, I told my daughter we would repaint and decorate her room for her birthday. This has been my project for the week. The walls are pink and we are going to have black and white decorations. A Paris theme! The walls are done - except for some touch-ups around the edges. Today I need to start on repainting her dresser. When I found this dresser a couple of years ago, it was already painted with a beach theme, which went fine with a yellow bedroom - but now I need to sand it and repaint it solid white. Then tomorrow we can start moving the furniture back in and decorate. Her birthday quilt is going to look great in here!

This quilt was made for the son and new DIL of some dear friends. It is lap sized and perfect for the newly-weds to cuddle under! Maybe not right now - Alabama is in the midst of our usual summer heat wave! This pattern went together so fast!

Time to get moving! Here's to getting some more sewing time in soon!