Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday's accomplishments...

Thought I would take a quick minute to show you what I got done today. I was able to sew all day because my house is in pristine condition, all the laundry is done, dinner is ready, and the children are sitting quietly reading the dictionary to each other. Oh yeah, and I took up lying as a new hobby! I did manage to pick up the living room and get it and the kitchen vacuumed. That's enough cleaning for one day, right? Better go help hubby with the taco salad for dinner.

Oh, Nines, I tried to call you three times today. Please tell me you were not out eating red pepper chicken and crab rangoon without me. Or worse yet that you had gone to the Cabbage Rose for a cashew chicken salad croissant and then hit the quilt stores.


Bonnie said...

I was the one eatting Crab Rangoons!!!! *mmwwaahahhahahahahahha*

Oh, death by cream cheese, what could be better?? Unless you go over to Tonya's blog and read about wanting to have dinner with Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant AND Crab Rangoons? Now yer talkin!!


Darcie said...

No Crab Rangoon for me, Sarah. I was "pristining" my house right along with you! LOL LOL

Your quilt is awesome!!! I love it...I bet it's even more fabulous in the fiber! Love your border treatment fun! Are you keeping this one? Hubby's?

Thanks for sharing!


Lucy said...

Oohh In my favourite colors. What a beautifull quilt !

Finn said...

It's absolutely wonderful Sarah!! I love it...they all look so different. Your fabric choices are great!! And good going on the tall tale telling..I like it, I like it!..LOL. Sorry you missed out on all that yummy food tho...*G*

Dawn said...

Oh Sarah - I'm so bummed that now you and Finn have pineapple blossom quilts! And still none for me! I have to find some time.

And boy you sure had me going there for a minute thinking you had a pristine house, everything done and in order - and the kids reading the dictionary to each other! I was wondering what was wrong with them for that! :)

And oh my gosh - I love crab rangoon - now I'm hungry!

Tonya R said...

I've never tried Crab Rangoon, but sounds yummy (esp if Hugh is going to join us).
The top came out gorgeous - I really like how you've distributed the colors throughout.