Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Is this going to work?

Ok, I need some brutal honesty here. Is this hideous? Too busy? There is going to be one other type of block in the mix but it will be more of the same fabrics. Should I abandon this right now or keep going? I like it but maybe it is too busy for the general non-quilting public? Please tell me!


Finn said...

I like it too Sarah. As far as the non-quilting public, I have found the "like-dislike" factor is like shooting fish in a barrel, maybe you hit it, maybe not. Almost inpossible to know...even if THEY picked the fabrics.

I'd say the borders will make or break it. I think that whitest blue with darker splotches, and then the pretty batiky looking blue is what I would use. Just my opinion..*S* The one fabric I like the least is the grayish blue that sems to have yellow flowers..assorted sizes.

Elizabeth said...

So, you're trying to turn me into a blogger??? We'll see...

I do like the blues, and would go ahead with it.

Can you publish frustrations with building a house on a quilting blog?

Nines said...

Too busy? Is there such a thing? Yeah, I guess so. But I don't think you are there, yet. I like it. I agree with Finn and would keep the border simple. Hi to your mom!

Darcie said...

I really like it, Sarah. Please don't fret about the non-quilting public. We quilters ROCK! ;-}

Sometimes I'm all for no borders on quilts...but it will speak to you when you get to that point.

Geez! I just scrolled down...and there is our Batik fabric. We're practically related!!! ;-}


JudyL said...

I like it but maybe you shouldn't take color advice from me! :)

Looks great in my opinion.

Judy L.

Nines said...

The more I look at this the more I like it. It's very romantic, don't you think? Maybe skip a border. Love you tons and oodles and miss you so much.