Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hello from Alabama!

Leah emailed me last night to make sure I was still alive. Yes I am still here. Just not much quilting going on and way too much other stuff going on.

After we returned from Tennessee a few weeks ago, school started. Ian has had a rough time adjusting but I think we might be over the hump. Maddie is loving her teacher.

Last week I made myself drag out Hannah's quilt. They moved to Missouri in July. She had the top put together and just needed to put the final borders on. I told her I would quilt it for her. So I got the borders put on and got it loaded onto the machine. Oh, the importance of quarter inch seams and a good ironing job. I had told her she needed to square everything up before she tried to add the borders. When she gave me the quilt before she left town, she said she was surprised at how wild the edges were! I think she finally understood what I was trying to say about being accurate. Anyway, as usual, the quilting really helped the quilt! It lays nice and flat now. I think it turned out great for her very first attempt at quilting! I hope she will keep it up. Her hubby is in medical school so I am guessing that she will have a lot of free time on her hands.

I have now returned to working on the bed-sized pink and brown pineapple quilt I am making for a little girl from church. I had the middle of the top pieced a few weeks ago and took it to show the mommy and the little girl. I mentioned something about laying it out on Maddie's full size bed to make sure it was big enough. Amy then says "Oh, did I forget to tell you that Taylor now has a queen size bed?" That is a important little fact that she had forgotten to share! I ordered a few more fat quarters of pinks (Pink is NOT a color found in my stash!) and now I am back in business.