Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nothing quilty happening...

Nothing exciting happening here. DD went back to school today but has tomorrow off for veteran's Day. I spent the morning paying bills and organizing Girl Scout paperwork. I also had to track down two addresses to mail out checks to people who insisted on holding my check until after I closed the account. One person held my check for two months. The account was such a mess we decided to start over! I let it sit for over two weeks and then called it quits. Since closing it, two more checks have tried to clear. UGH!! Just cash my check in a timely manner, please! When I called the bank to get the actual closing date (so I could right a mean little note to one of the check holders) the lady at the bank tells me that the account has been reopened because a automatic deposit has come through from This is another thing I tried to stop before it happened but it obviously didn't work. So now I get to go back to the bank and close the account AGAIN!

I am hoping to get the backing pinned onto the quilting machine this afternoon so I can get my mom's quilt done this weekend. Then it will be time for my FIL's coffee quilt. Less than two weeks until we head for Arkansas - so I'd better get cracking!

Here are some more useless facts about me you will wish you didn't know! You can thanks
Julie and DebR for this. Its all their fault!

Three screen names that you've had:
maddiesmama, maddieandian, and fsnorman

Three things you like about yourself:
my smile, I am a good listener, and I think I am a good mom

Three things you don't like about yourself:
my hair color, my addiction to sweets, my frequent lack of patience

Three parts of your heritage:
English, Irish and German

Three things that scare you:
snakes, open stairs (the kind where you can see through the risers), big hairy spiders

Three of your everyday essentials:
hugs and kisses from my kids, caffeine, sleep

Three things you are wearing right now:
blue jean shorts, green t-shirt, a smile

Three of your favorite songs:
Pachabel's Canon in D
In your Eyes by Peter Gabriel
Every Breath You Take by Sting and the Police

Three things you want in a relationship:
Honesty, Love, and patience

Two truths and a lie:
I've been working hard all day.
I have accomplished a lot today.
My house is now perfectly clean!

Three things you can't live without:
kisses and hugs from my family
good friends
the love of my man

Three places you want to go on vacation:
New Zealand, Scotland, Hawaii

Three things you just can't do:
Keep my house clean
live without my diet Pepsi
get over how fast my kids are growing up

Three kids names:
Sophie Grace, Avery Jackson, Mathilda Elizabeth

Three things you want to do before you die:
Hold my grandchildren
Have a quilt win an award
travel more with my hubby

Three celeb crushes:
John Cusack, Mark Ruffalo, Sean Connery

Three of your favorite musicians:
Sting, George Winston, Rod Stewart

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you:
honest eyes, a sweet smile, beautiful hands

Three of your favorite hobbies:
reading, quilting (duh!), cuddling with my kids

Three things you really want to do badly right now:
take a nap, have a snack, take a nap

Three careers you're considering/you've considered:
pharmacist, accountant, historian

Three ways that you are stereotypically a boy:
I like action movies like Steven Segal and Die Hard movies.
I like fast cars and big SUVs.
I like short hair.

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl:
I love getting a pedicure.
I like to watch romantic comedies.
I need more hours in my day.

Three people that I would like to see post this meme:
Well, I would like to learn more about all my Quilt Maverick friends. Who's up for it? Yes, Finn, I am pointing my finger at you too!


Elizabeth said...

Just looking at three careers... "accountant" ... referring back to the first paragraph... and imagining the mayhem you might have caused in some business! But I love you! Mom

Deb R said...

It was fun to read your answers, Sarah! :-)

PS...I also love Pachabel's Canon and hate those "see-through" metal stairs.

PPS...I can't believe it's still warm enough there to wear shorts! Wow!

Tonya R said...

Another woman who loves action movies AND romantic comedies. Excellent. My hubby will watch Die Hard with me, but I watch stupid action movies (like Steven Segal) alone...

Finn said...

Finn sez...oh no, I ducked, did she see me???? LOL...shhhhhhh