Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fabrics from Little Rock

I thought I would take the time to show you some of the fabrics I got on my shopping spree in Little Rock. I think I did pretty well. Everything was bought with a purpose. I only bought one piece for me and it was on clearance and blue with cute little daisies!

Anyway - Here goes:

This brown print is going to be the backing on my coffee pineapple quilt. I am hoping to get it finished in time to give it as a x-mas gift to my hubby. SSSHHHH! Don't tell!

This will be the outer border on the pineapple quilt. I also bought a yard of the coffee bean on the black for a thin inner border.

This small remnant piece was too pretty to pass up. It is maybe 20 inches by 45 inches. It is for a friend that is crazy about batiks. No names please. Maybe she won't figure it out!
This is the one piece I bought for myself. Yes, it is blue. Yes, I am stuck in a deep, dark, blue rut. I tried several times to get a picture that didn't look blurry but was unsuccessful. Maybe its the fabric that is blurry - not the picture?

These pinks were purchased to make a baby quilt for a friend who is expecting their 2nd baby girl. The focus fabric will be the floral on the right. I have never made a pink quilt before. I have NO pink in my stash. The fabric on the left has tiny, soft little white polka dots. This will be the backing. Now I just have to pick a pattern. Any suggestions?

I bought these Christmas fabrics to make Christmas ornaments with. Anyone else make these folded fabric ornaments? You use a three inch (?) styrofoam ball in the center. I really like them because they look quilted when you are done. My mom learned the process from a friend several years ago and finally taught me last Christmas. It is kind of addictive. It is fun to do while watching a movie or riding in the car. I took it with me this past week and got a couple of ornaments made. Here is what the finished ornament looks like. Good way to use up some scraps!

Hey! I am done with Sunday Stash five hours early! Hope you all have a good Sunday.


Darcie said...

Love seeing your new stash-with-purpose, Sarah.

Oh! That Batik! What a great find!

Thanks for sharing.


Sharon said...

I've seen these ornaments, but have never seen the instructions to make them. What fun!

And I love seeing your new "stash".

How about a little sparking star quilt from the pinks? Or one of the Terry Atkinson Spring Flings? They are always so quick and make up so cute!

Samantha said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun shopping!

JudyL said...

Never made those ornaments but they sure are cute.

No suggestions but can't wait to see what you do with the pink fabrics.

Judy L.

Finn said...

Great job on finding such neat fabrics Sarah. I especially like what you found for border, binding and backing for your pineapple. Have you decided which layout you like best?

The ornament is sooo neat! I haven't seen that one before.

Nines said...

You're home! You're home!!! I'm almost giddy! Hey, I AM giddy. So GLAD you're home... Now about this quilt that is parked on my machine... What to do??? Help!!! I spent three hours picking out what I did, and now I am feeling a bit demoralized and unsure of myself. I need HELP! Oh, great fabric. I made a ton of those ornaments, years ago. Christy teach your mom? She made a bunch for her daughter, Jennifer. You'd have liked. All blue. But, really, help!

Debra Spincic said...

Do you have EQ5 or EQ4? You could come up with a great baby quilt in a flash.

Dawn said...

You found some great fabrics! What fun it is to get some new fabrics isn't it!