Thursday, November 03, 2005

Second finish of the day!!!

Can you see me doing a happy dance all the way from Alabama? I got the borders put on my FIL's coffee quilt. Now to figure out a backing! The border fabric looks like a cross between an animal print and finger prints. I also did the borders kind of funky. I sewed the inner and outer borders together first and then applied them to the quilt. So the inner border goes all the way to the edge of the quilt on the top and bottom borders. Kind of reinforces the geometric shapes in the quilt.

Now I have got to get started on all the QUILTING that needs to get done. I have five quilts of my own waiting for me plus two from my mom. One of the ones from my mom will be a paying job. Should that push it to the top of the list? Hhhhmmmm! We will have to wait and see what calls to me the loudest!


Deb R said...

Very pretty Sarah!
I love the border fabric.

Tonya R said...

Rich and tasty. I can smell the coffee from here.

Darcie said...

Oooh! Indeed...I agree with every word that Tonya said.

Do have enough "coffee grounds" to use up on the back? I have a client that is into using all of the leftovers from the top and putting them onto the backing. If they are big chunks, she pieces them all together and that alone creates the backing. But if the leftovers are small, she'll piece them into a strip or two...and then splice that into her other yardage.

Did that make any sense? I should just stick to the OOOOH-ing part. Or perhaps take a picture...of which I'm too in-a-hurry to do right now!

Good luck with the quilting!


Carolyn said...

I love your coffee quilt, even though (don't slap me Darcie!) I don't like coffee. I'm sitting here with my cup of Earl Gray right now...

Beautiful job...have fun quilting it!


Nines said...

Congrats on getting something done! Wish I could say the same. You know me and backings... who says they have to match? Maybe you could find another fabric in an interest of his? But I like Darcie's idea of a back of scraps. Miss you, too.

Finn said...

Great job getting another one done Sarah ! I really like it. And the creative border that too. Keep up the good work.