Monday, April 02, 2012

March UFO - Pillowcases

This month's UFO was a pile of fabric waiting to be made into pillowcases for my kids. As I was digging out the fabric, I found some fabric I had purchased to make my nephew a pillowcase over a year ago - Oops! I had made his little brother one for Christmas and my SIL said Denver would love one too. So Denver was the first on my list of to-do's. Thankfully my sweet neighbor lets me use her embroidery machine!

Ian was the big winner this month - scoring a total of three pillowcases. Unfortunately that means he probably stole some pillows off my bed to fill those pillowcases. You can easily figure out the two big loves in Ian's life - soccer and University of Florida football.

Last year on my birthday shop hop, I came across this fabric which is a street map of Paris - and it includes Le Madeleine - the church in Paris that inspired us to use the name Madeleine. We were in Europe for three weeks right before I got pregnant with Maddie and my husband noticed the French spelling of Madeleine and fell in love with it. I was just thankful he had moved on from "Mathilda".

April's UFO is the block of the month - again. This was also January's UFO. Last month was the last block so now there is nothing left to do but put on the final three borders. I got to go to JoAnn's last week in Nashville and found three fabrics to use for the borders. Then on to quilting and binding!