Saturday, November 26, 2005

I survived Thanksgiving 2005

Where to begin? We are home. The car is unpacked. One load of laundry is already washed. Here are the highlights of "The Trip".

Monday - We left Auburn after Maddie got home from school. We made it all the way to Tupelo Mississippi before we stopped for the night.

Tuesday - We made it to Little Rock by about noon. Since both of Stacy's parents were still working we had to amuse ourselves. After lunching on the hugest cheese sticks I have ever seen, we went back to the house to hang out. I dumped them off and headed to Blossom Quiltworks and Hobby Lobby. I needed some fabric reinforcement before spending 5 days with the in-laws! I got to have 2 pieceful (ha-ha) hours of shopping all by myself! When I got back, the in-laws were home. Since it was my MIL's b-day we decided to go ahead and give her her b-day/xmas present. And then we gave my FIL his quilt so I wouldn't have to hide it anymore. He liked it! Yeah! We sat around talking for a half an hour, when my FIL says "You know there is another blanket store in North Little Rock, right?" He says he thinks there is a quilt shop down in the not so nice part of town and he would be glad to take me! So we (me, him , and hubby) pile in his truck and head down town. Sure enough, there is a quilt store! I didn't want to take too long since hubby and FIL were standing there looking silly! I did manage to find some clearance fabric for the backing of my coffee pineapple quilt.

Wednesday - FIL and hubby go off looking at "Stuff". Not sure what that means. I leave the kids with MIL and head to JoAnn's. I found several different pinks to make a baby quilt out of. We went out to lunch at one of favorite pizza places - U.S. Pizza Company. Yummy! After church Wednesday night, we had Christmas! The kids were happy to finally get to open the presents which had been staring at them since our arrival. "Santa" brought the kids each a light saber. Just what they need! Daddy was excited too!

Thursday - MIL wants to be on the road by 6:30 am. We are supposed to be in Tyler Texas by noon. It is a five hour drive! UGH! So we got up around 5:30 to get ready and get the car packed. The highlight of the morning was meeting my new nephew, Denver! He is adorable and very kissable.
We got on the road around 7 am and made it to Tyler on time. Ian was very excited to finally be in TEXAS! He told us before we left home that he would need a cowboy hat from Texas. No, we could not buy one ahead of time. We tried to explain that we would only be in Texas on Thanksgiving and that all the stores would be closed. Uncle Chance came to the rescue by getting him a hat in Dallas and bringing it with him to Thanksgiving dinner! Doesn't Ian make a cute cowboy?
Most of my MIL's side of the family was there for dinner - about 29 people. After we finished eating, actually before I had even gotten up from the table, Aunt Judy was up, putting away all of the food. My family usually just leaves things out, so you can nibble all day long. Not Aunt Judy- everything was put away. No snacking on turkey and dressing! Sad! That's the bad thing about having Thanksgiving dinner at someone else's house - no leftovers. We spent the afternoon visiting and watching the mandatory Dallas football game. We finally headed to Shreveport at about 7 pm to spend the night at Stacy's uncle's house.

Friday - I was hoping Stacy would want to hang around Shreveport long enough for me to visit a nice quilt store there, but we were on the road by about 9. It is a LONG way from Shreveport to Auburn - especially with two kids in the backseat asking "are we there yet?". But we made it home at 7:30 pm. We all got to sleep in our own beds - except for Ian who said he had a bad dream and needed to sleep on our floor!

I am so glad to be home! We have done enough traveling to last me a long time! OR at least until Christmas! Hope you all had wonderful turkey days!


Finn said...

You did it ! Welcome home Sarah..*VBS* I know that it maybe wasn't even close to the thanksgiving of your dreams, but just think of all that lovely new fabric to fondle, and sweet baby Denver to remember and smile about...*VBS* Another chapter for the memory bag!

Darcie said...

Happy that you're home safe and sound, Sarah. Lots of miles...lots to do and see. So glad you got to do a couple of things on your own. I know that can give sanity a whole new meaning on an "in-law" holiday.

And so glad that FIL liked his "blanket!" ;-)

Thanks for sharing, Sarah. You'd better get started on all of those projects now!!! ;-)


Tonya R said...

Glad you made it home safely and got to get to some fabric buying in. My dad calls 'em "blankets" too - glad your FiL appreciated the one you made for him.

Gina Halladay said...

Nice quilts. I checked out some of your links too. Thanks. I too am blogging about quilting. If you have a minute check my site out at