Sunday, November 06, 2005

It is still Sunday - so here's my fabric!

I "found" this fabric last night when I was digging around my stash looking for creams and browns to make a "Bonnie" backing for my mom's red quilt. Why, you may ask, am I making the backing for her quilt? Well, when she brought the top to me a few weeks ago she told me to buy some muslin while I was in Savannah to use for the backing. So I did. Only I wasn't paying close enough attention. I started off looking at the extra wise muslin but some how got side tracked and ended up with the 45" wide. So I only got one length instead of two. So I am short two yards of fabric. So I am going to piece her a backing. SO I get to SEW! Anyway - this piece didn't make it into the backing, but I pulled it out to share with you!


Sharon said...

Are you sure you haven't been in my stash? I happen to have two yards of the same fabric laying out, too! AND, the lighter version of it is what I used in the background for the Lotto block quilt I posted a few postings back. It should be just great for your Mom's quilt backing!

Samantha said...

Great for backing- annd nice to find something that works without having to spend more $$$!

Bonnie said...

I love old fashioned looking viney prints! This is a great one!