Friday, November 18, 2005

Darcie thinks I am addicted!

Darcie thinks I addicted to the coffee fabrics, and she may be right! My husband would be so happy if I learned to drink coffee. He is a coffee snob. He orders his coffee from this place called Torre Fazzione that he discovered when we lived in Seattle.

I let myself make 6 more pineapple blocks this morning. Now I need to get this house cleaned up. We are leaving Monday afternoon to go to Little Rock to see my in-laws. I hate coming home to a messy house so I will try to get it into a livable state before we leave. We are hoping to spend Thanksgiving night with hubby's aunt and uncle in Shreveport, Louisiana and then will head on home Friday. I am hoping I can talk hubby into letting me go to a quilt store in Shreveport that I discovered two years ago when we were there. It was called Material Pleasures or Material Girls. Some with material in the name! And I know there is another quilt store in Vicksburg, Mississippi which we will go through too! And of course I will go to Blossom Quiltworks in Little Rock. This is a new store that opened about a year and a half ago - and its right around the corner from my in-laws house!! Yeah!!! And so is a big JoAnns store.

Maybe I will survive the 5 days with the in-laws! I may be a lot poorer but at least I will be sane!


Dawn said...

Sarah! I LOVE these colors and blocks! So are they going together easily? I loved Bonnie's pineapple blocks but haven't had the time to play with them - yours are wonderful!

Hope you get to the quilt stores!

Bonnie said...

OOooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Sarah! Can I use this pic as an 'alternative' on the website to show what it looks like in color coordinated scraps and no sashings??? PURRRLEEEAASEEE!!???


Holly said...

Sarah, your pineapple blossom blocks look so good! That's going to be an awesome quilt.

Finn said...

Sarah, they look absolutely fantastic...! Great job on the colors and the should be proud..hope you get to hit all the fabric shops you mentioned! Sounds like fun..*S*

Tonya R said...

Love how the blocks are turning out. Enjoy your holiday and I hope you find fab fabric at all your shops.

Darcie said...

Love love love it, Sarah!!! What's your coffee-loving hubby think of your new addiction...or, I mean...your new blocks?