Monday, November 07, 2005

Attack of the red poodle

This is what Maddie accomplished yesterday during nap time. Sunday afternoons are supposed to be for naps in my opinion. Especially because it keeps the kids from falling asleep during evening church services and then wanting to stay up all night! Maddie has never been one who needed much sleep - a trait she inherited from my MIL. Anyway, yesterday during "nap" time I guess Maddie was feeling artsy-fartsy! She is truly an ARTISTE like her daddy. Make sure you say that with a french accent or it just isn't the same. I would have never thought to use a toilet paper roll for the body.

The way Maddie's mind works has always fascinated me. One time she decided to use the sprayer from the kitchen sink to spray the kitchen floor until it had about half an inch of water all over it. Why you may ask? Because she wanted to go swimming. I came down stairs to find her playing in the water, naked of course. (Yes, this is a true story!)

She is safely off to school and DS is still asleep - so here's my chance to watch the news for a few seconds. See what's going on in the world.


Elizabeth said...

I think it's beautiful! I would hang it on my refrigerator! love, Grams

Finn said...

Love the red poodle...*VBS* I'm with Elizabeth in the grandma deptment..straight to the refrigerator...LOL

Keep those art supplies handy, I think she's got things to say.
Glad you got to sew, even if just a backing..*S*

JudyL said...

Sarah: That is so cute! She is definitely a talented girl.

Judy L.

Dawn said...

Sarah - that is sooo cute!

The website that has those patterns that I did this weekend you asked about are here:

Darcie said...

How innovative! That is too cool!

And what do you mean, Sarah? Maddie's Mommy is an ARTISTE as well! Great genes!