Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Orange you glad I have something to share?

Because me and Nina don't have enough to do in our lives (that's not counting the 10 kids and two husbands involved) - I made up a quilting challenge for the two of us. I told her to pick out three yards of fabric she would like a quilt out of. She brought it with her to Florida, when we saw each other in September.

Here are the challenge rules:

1. The finished quilt is due next year on our birthdays (mid-June 2006).

2. The finished quilt should be lap size, about 60" x 60".

3. The supplied fabric must be the featured fabric. Not just used, but featured.

4. Other fabrics used should come mostly from our stash.

5. You can use any pattern or block you want.

6. Next year, Nina gets to make up the rules.

So of course, Nines knows I have a HUGE aversion to the color orange. I know the cause of the aversion - growing up with red hair. Orange is just not a color that looked good with red hair and freckles. Nina on the other hand LOVES orange and has made several beautiful quilts with it. One of them is orange and turquoise. I'll have to get her to post a picture of it. She also has made one of those quilted sweatshirts using the same orange and turquoise fabrics. Both were beautiful. The picture above is of the fabrics she gave me to work with. Now you know how mean she is! I have no idea what I am going to do yet but then again I have seven months to go!


Darcie said...

Oh how fun, Sarah!

But I suppose you can't show us your progress...cuz then Nines will see too. Drat!

And I feel the same as you...about "not having enough (HA!) to do...and taking on more." Sometimes I think we feed on activity. I often tell others that I don't know how to act without deadlines and to-do lists and calendars that look like the doctors' board from "Grey's Anatomy." (Or is it Gray's?)

Good luck with your girls' challenge!


Finn said...

Definitely quite ORANGE..but I'm sure you'll come up with some thing fantastic! We'll be watching and hoping..*VBG*

Joanne said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Orange always says fall to me!

Dawn said...

Great oranges though! My daughter has auburn hair, it used to be a bit more red and she always looked good in orange - it probably depends on the shade of the hair color!

Hmmm, have to think of ideas for you!