Saturday, April 03, 2010

Three finishes in one day!

This week I have been struck by the mood to finish up some UFOs that have been sitting around for too long. Last Saturday night I went into the dresser where I store works in progress and pulled out these first two quilts. All either one needed was to have the borders put on. This first one is going to go in the mail Monday to some friends of ours in Pennsylvania who just adopted a sweet baby boy. Hopefully they will send me a picture of Elijah enjoying his quilt!

This second one was pieced from leftovers from another quilt. Once I got the borders put on, it was either stick them back in the drawer to marinate some more or bite the bullet and get them quilted. I love having a quilting machine but the Hinterberg frame isn't the easiest thing to use. Lots of adjustments to make every time you advance the quilt. Anyway - I got both of these baby quilts quilted this week, along with another top that my mom had pieced for my cousin who had a baby girl on Monday. Thankfully I didn't have to bind that one! Just stuck it back in the mail to Mom!

Nina - are you sitting down? Today I managed to get bindings on all three of these quilts pictured! Aren't you impressed? Nina knows how I hate putting on bindings. I put it off if at all possible.

This last one is from Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas mystery pattern. It has been sitting in my sewing room, quilted, for about 2 months now. Yes, I hate binding that much! So once I got on a roll today I knew I couldn't stop until this one was done too! I love it! Thanks, Bonnie, for such a great pattern!

Now - will I be as productive this coming week? All the pictures should be clickable for a larger view!