Thursday, January 24, 2008

One down, one to Saturday!

Wednesday I managed to ignore other tasks that needed to be done and instead got the binding put on the purple and green baby quilt. I was so nervous that Mackenzie would show up at any moment and her quilt would still not be done. Why is it that the binding never takes as long as I think it will?

For the back, I did not have enough of either the purple or the green so I came up with the 9 patch idea. Amazingly I got it centered top to bottom. Right to left is easy since you center the quilt when you pin it on the machine.

April loved the quilt. yeah!!! Now Mackenzie can come when ever she wants to. Hopefully soon!! I can't wait to kiss on a sweet baby girl!

Next up, binding on the pink and brown baby quilt. The baby shower is on Saturday afternoon. I also need to clean house...again... because my parents are coming on Saturday. How does everything get so messy in just a few days? Mess - thy name is Madeleine and Ian. They will be the death of me!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

How did it get to be January 19th?

I know, I know. One day at a time. Christmas and New Year's have come and gone. We survived our whirlwind tour to Little Rock and Nashville. I got lots of baby loves from my new 6 week old nephew, Brady, and my 16 month old niece, Audrey Joy. Also got lots of big boy loves from my 2.5 year old nephew, Joey. Lots of fun and way too much food was had by all. Everyone loved their hand-made goodies. My MIL had the nerve to tell that I shouldn't have given my SILs the table runners that I made because it surely made them feel bad because they had nothing to give me! Ah yes, Christmas joy all around. I am sure that my SILs did not feel this way.

Anyway - on to this new year's sewing projects. This week I finished up the top for my neighbor's baby quilt. I think it turned out cute.

I also got the top put together for the next baby that is due to a couple from church. The colors are pink and brown - but I couldn't get the lighting adjusted right. Use you imagination!

Tonight I started on a third baby quilt. It is going to be a YBR and the bedding I am trying to coordinate with kind of has a shabby chic look to it. Here are the fabrics to give you an idea.

The kids have school off on Monday for MLK day - so I am hoping to get the first two tops quilted. Baby #1 could be here any day and the shower for #2 is next Saturday!

I will leave you with a picture of my kids playing in the front yard today. Mind you we live about 3 to 4 hours from the Gulf of Mexico. Winter fun in southern Alabama!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shhh....Don't tell anyone!

Don't tell anyone that I am sewing! Actually, I am taking a short break to do an internet fabric search. I need more of the white background fabric for the purple and green baby quilt I am working on. Wish me luck!