Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Anyone want some more turkey and dressing?

Today was spent getting ready for our belated Thanksgiving feast. Since we ate at someone else's house, we had no leftovers and barely had a chance to enjoy our first plateful. DH aunt quickly cleared away all the food. Anyway, we wanted some leftovers so we made our own turkey and dressing and Cherry-O cheese cake! It was yummy! I have lots of leftovers now!

While waiting on the turkey, I did get to sew a little. Or should I say cut out a little! I saw something at my MIL's house that is so cute and simple to make that I am making it for several women in my life, including myself. And all the fabric is coming from my stash. This should total about nine yards!! YEAH for me! To the women in my life, and you know who you are, how do you feel about orange and brown mumus? Just kidding! You know I don't have anything orange in my stash! Especially nine yards of it!

Hubby has gone off to a meeting so I may get going on that all blue YBR that needs quilting. I got it loaded on the machine the other night so all I need to do is cut the batting to length and get going! I think since the fabric is so busy I will probably just do a big meander. It needs to be finished by December 11th.

Hope everyone else got to sew a little bit today!


Bonnie said...

The all blue YBR is great! I love that there are so many different fabrics and shades of blue in it.....And I agree, do something simple on it because it is so busy that not alot is going to show....and it's a quilt meant to be used!


Dawn said...

Oh I would love some turkey and stuffing! We eat at my sil's house and with such a large group there is never much for leftovers. I brought home some jello.

Oh you are making my mouth water.... I think I need to make some more turkey too!