Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Little House on the Prairie

This afternoon we had a "Little House" moment at our house. Notice I said moment - it only lasted about ten minutes. Maddie was sitting beside me at the sewing table working on her huge list of vocabulary words. I was sewing on the questionable blue quilt. And Ian was sitting on the floor beside me, hand sewing more blocks onto his "quilt". Ahhh - the tranquility! We were waiting for Pa to come home - which he did!

Speaking of the blue quilt - the rows are sewn together. Just have to sew the two halves together. So I will post a picture tomorrow when I get it together. I am liking it more and more. Nina said it looks "romantic" ! I agree!


Darcie said...

Ahh! I can hear the music now! I loved that show.

Squeeze those youngins' tight!

Can't wait to see your blues. I agree with looks "cottage romantic" to me.


Finn said...

Really making great progress on your "blues" quilt. I think it all will be just fine...lovely word picture of the tranquil moment at your house...brings back memories..*S*

Nines said...

Isn't it nice when, even for just a moment, things come together? Kinda gives you an idea of how things were meant to be. i love ya

Dawn said...

Sarah- that is too cool that you took swimming lessons in lake geneva! The Abbey has been all renovated and is suppose to be wonderful again. Thanks for the tip on the thrift store. Not sure how much time I'll have to shop, but we are going to Delavan to the quilt shop!