Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Time has slipped away from me again! I have been sewing some, substitute teaching lots, and on top of it all, I got the flu last week.

Here is the latest quilting projects: (All the pictures are clickable for a bigger view!)

This baby quilt is made from the BQ quilt pattern - using the smaller sized blocks. I have got a large version of this same quilt cut out for Maddie. I guess I over-estimated how much fabric I would need for a baby quilt - I had enough for a lap size quilt for Maddie too! I just had to buy a tiny bit more of the green.

This baby is due at the end of March and her name is going to be Pepper. Never heard of that one before!

Then there is Maddie's Paris quilt. Right before I got pregnant with Maddie, Stacy and I got to go to Europe for three weeks. While we were in Paris, we saw the name Madeleine on a subway stop. Stacy fell in love with the name and the French way of spelling it. Since his previous choice of a girl's name was Mathilda, I quickly agreed with the new name. A year later, Madeleine arrived! I started quilting when Maddie was about 10 months old and immediately started collecting Eiffel Tower fabrics. This is the BQ pattern again - using the large block size to show off the Paris fabrics. Maddie loved it. I gave it to her for her birthday last week. We are going to repaint her bedroom and do a whole Paris theme!

Now that that big project is out of the way, I have started on a end-of-school present for Ian's teacher. I subbed for Mrs. T a couple of weeks ago and was able to get the kids in on the project. I cut out tons a wacky fabrics and let the kids put together their own wonky houses from Bonnie's pattern. We put each kid's house into a baggie and labeled it with their name. After I sew each house together, I will label it with the child's name. I made one of these quilts for Maddie's first grade teacher - and she loved it. Ian's teacher this year is a jewel. She has made such a difference in how Ian feels about school. I went in and talked to her right after school started and she was willing to make some homework plan changes to help Ian with his reading. He loves going to school. Mrs. T does such fun, cool projects with them. Can you tell that I love her? I am making myself sew a few houses each day - so that the end of May doesn't sneak up on me!