Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I shouldn't have complained about not posting for a month - because now I have gone two months with nothing new. Somehow the fast forward button on time has been hit and I can't seem to slow down.

As usual - lots of baby quilts to show. This pink quilt is made from left overs! I love the fresh look that the white sashing gives it. This one is for a young Chinese couple that go to church with us. The husband is attending Auburn to get his doctorate in math. Baby Hannah is expected to arrive a few days before Christmas!

Another young couple at services are expecting twins in December. Two boys! We have been friends with Matt and Jana for over six years now and she has been waiting patiently for her turn for a quilt. They moved away for a year or so and when they moved back she told me that one of the big reasons she was excited to be back in Auburn was because now she will get a baby quilt! Little did I know she would somehow scheme a way to get two! I wanted to keep the green quilt for myself, but it was a bit small. Maybe I should make another one for me!

I have another quilt to show you, but I haven't photographed it yet, so it will have to wait. This morning is the Thanksgiving play at school and then I told the kids I would go ahead and check them out. We need to get busy cleaning - the in-laws are coming tomorrow. Looking forward to turkey and dressing! Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.