Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Back to the back -

I finally got around to finishing the backing for mom's quilt tonight. I spent most of today dealing with my DD, who has strep throat, again. She is feeling better already and hopefully we will have a more restful night than last night.

Anyway - here is the backing. Do you like it, mom?


Elizabeth said...

I like it very well, thank you! Does it look good with the front? But I like the pirate most of all!

Finn said...

Hi Sarah..yes..great looking back...*VBS* Love your little pirate..*S* Obviously the new eye patch is here to stay for awhile...LOL

Bonnie said...

Love love love it! And look at all that stash...GONE out of the pile :c)


Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter's strep - my son had it all the time when he was younger, but grew out of it!

Love the back!