Saturday, November 19, 2005

More blocks done!

Bonnie wanted me to try laying the blocks with the triangles all going in the same direction. I don't think I like it as much as with the layout in the top picture. I am going to have to round up some more browns if this is going to be any larger than a baby quilt. Oohh! A baby on coffee - not a good thought! I still remember having to avoid caffeine like it was the plague when I was nursing my kids.

I got the binding put on my FIL's quilt last night. Did the whole thing by machine. Nice and quick! I also made the label - so I just need to sit down and do that.

I am off in search of Christmas presents for my MIL and 2 nephews. We are doing xmas while we are in Arkansas at Thanksgiving. I have waited until the Auburn versus Alabama game started so hopefully all the stores will be deserted! Wish me luck!

What is everyone else up to this weekend?


Finn said...

I like the top layout the best too Sarah. The other one is neat, but that top one "grabs" me..*S*

It's a neat quilt with those fabrics..but I agree..a big NIX on the baby on coffee...LOL.

I'd doing binding which is NOT quick and NOT easy, but it's gotta be done. Then I will start cutting the 9 degree wedges for that tree skirt from the strip sets..wish me luck!

Deb R said...

I like the top one better! :-)

(The second layout is interesting though, and might be a fun way to do if you ever do the same block in a scrappier, more multi-colored look.)

Darcie said...

I'm agreeing with Finn and Debr too...loving' the top version.

Don't you just love the technology that we have these days...with the digi cameras and stuff! Lots simpler that being down on the floor re-arranging and trying to remember....

Great job!


Sewcatherine said...

Alabama and Auburn played this weekend? I am definitely out of the loop. I say that I am an Alabama fan but really I don't care at all!!! It was very worrisome as a didn't want to be stuck in a class of Auburn fans. Bear Bryant was still the coach at the time.

Bonnie said...

Okay, I was just curious, but I have to agree, I like the top one best! But thanks for posting the alternate layout just so we could see what it would look like! I Love how these are coming....yummy!


Dawn said...

Oh these are so great! I love the top one also - BUT I wonder what would happen if you made the sides different colors like a rainbow and then laid them out like this? Like red in one diagonal row, purple, blue, green, etc????

Joanne said...

Oh, Sarah, I love your brown pineapple blossoms. I prefer the top setting, too. Looks to me like the block is quite addictive -- I so want to make it, guess I'll have to hurry and finish the tree skirts and get started.