Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Look, Girls! We are famous!

I got a ipod for Valentines day and have just discovered podcasts. Today I downloaded a quilting podcast from Annie Smith's Quilting Stash series called "Best of 2006" to listen to. As I am sewing along, listening to her lists of the best things from 2006, suddenly she says that one of her picks for best quilting blogs is "The Quilt Mavericks" blog ring. Imagine my surprise to hear that we are popular and a little famous!

So if you are looking for something to listen to while you are quilting, you can look on itunes for all kinds of cool podcasts.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

2 hours ----- in one day!

Today I had the house to myself for a couple of hours and decided it was time that I get to sew! I haven't sewn anything in several weeks. Everything has been sitting there on my sewing table, just staring at me. It always seems like something else had to get done first. You know what? The dirty house isn't going anywhere - it can wait a while.

I was able to get this top pieced. It is going to be a lap quilt. The colors aren't exactly accurate in the picture but they are close. I am going to piece a few more flying geese for the border and then put them in a wide black border. I am going to quilt it with some varigated thread.

Monday night I am teaching a ladies' bible class. Usually our preacher's wife teaches but she has been asking for volunteers to help her out every once in a while. We are using a book about trying to manage our chaotic lives. The next chapter is called "Is your life a crazy quilt?" The point of the chapter is do you have a plan for your life (a pattern) or do you just take whatever is thrown at you (a crazy quilt). In general the author is saying we need to have goals! Anyway...how could I resist teaching a class that mentions quilts!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

20 Yards of fabric

Do you know how much fabric will fit into a 11"x8.5"x5.5" box? One of the flat rate boxes from the post office. Let me tell you - it will hold about 20 yards of fabric. This came to me as a surprise - both good and bad. Good in that it means 20 yards is on its way to someone who will hopefully appreciate it and put it to good use it. Bad news in that such a little space holds that much fabric. That means that I have a whole lot more yardage in my stash than I had thought! I had better get busy!
I went through the stash this afternoon trying to pick out some fabric to mail to my aunt for her birthday. This aunt is my dad's only sister and the person who everyone says I look like. While I don't mind looking like her, I hope that I am as sweet and giving as she is. She has recently gotten into quilting. Her mom (my grandma that passed away a year ago) was a quilter. My aunt somehow got hooked on paper piecing. It is hard to pick out fabric for someone else. She recently had a new grand baby - Evie - so I picked out some things Aunt Faye could use for something cute for the baby.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Some thoughts on strep throat and V-Day lovies

Last week both of my kids came down with strep throat. We got them started on anti-biotics on Monday. So by Friday I thought I was safe - but no. My throat started hurting and Saturday I got to start on medicine too! After spending the entire weekend in bed, my throat is feeling better but I would still like to sleep all day!

Last Friday, before the strep hit, I made this little thing (the one on the right) for my niece for Valentine's day. It is about 6 inches by 7 inches. It is my hand dyed fabrics, fused together and then fused onto some batting. I did a little stitch in the ditch on my feather weight. Then I sewed the front to the back (right sides together) and flipped it around. Then to close that last seam I stitched around the entire edge, about an eighth of an inch in from the edge. DD like it so much that she wanted on too - so her's is the one on the left. The picture should be clickable for a better view.

I am hoping tomorrow to get to work some more on the flying geese quilt. I really like Judy's February quilt but I think I am going to hold off on it for a while. What are you all up to?