Thursday, May 31, 2007

Can I get it all done?

School ended last Thursday. For some reason I thought I had several weeks before I went on my trip. Wrong! Now I have five days to get a whole lot of stuff done! I have Nina's birthday quilt all quilted- it just needs to be bound.

I also quickly pieced a baby quilt. The shower is June 23rd - just a week after I get back from our trip. They are doing their nursery in Auburn Tigers theme. Well....... All of the Auburn fabric is pretty obnoxious. I was able to find some blue and orange ginghams. Both are tiny little checks. It really helped to soften the Auburn fabric.

These are the fabrics for the other baby quilt I have to make this summer. I think this is way too many fabrics for the pattern I am going to use - but I would rather have too many choices than not enough.

Last night, DD wanted to have a friend sleep over so I stayed up late supervising the chaos. I got the queen size quilt pinned on the machine. This is the quilt I am quilting for the owners of the local sewing center. She already had it pin basted and had sewn a few basting lines. I dissected the whole thing yesterday morning. She was out of Warm & Natural batting at her store so she had bought a batting at Walmart. It was yucky. Do you like that excellent description? Yesterday I went in and got some W&N from her to use instead. I am hoping to get started quilting on it today. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Here's to a productive day!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Would Nina peek?

I got the top to Nina's birthday challenge quilt put together yesterday. Once I got the chance to sit down and sew for longer than five minutes at a time, the blocks went together pretty fast. I momentarily considered posting a progress picture - since I know Nina is on a mini-vacation by herself to Oregon. But I don't know if her friend in Oregon has a laptop they might be toting around with them. You will just have to wait a couple more weeks until I give it to her.

I am planning on going to Tennessee on June 5 and then leaving Ian there with my parents. Me and Maddie will go on up to Indiana on the 6th. We will come home on the following Tuesday. Me and Nines already have several places we have to eat - a Chinese buffet and the Cabbage Rose (for their yummy cashew chicken salad croissants!). And of course there will be lots of shopping thrown in for good measure. The same little town where the Cabbage Rose is located also has two quilt stores and lots of antique stores. Nina's DH suggested we go to this little town 6 years ago, when we were having a girls' day out. I was 9 months pregnant and we were trying to walk the baby out. He hung on for another two weeks! We have been going back to this town ever since.

I got the two graduation quilts down on Tuesday night. I gave them to the boys' grandma Wednesday night at bible class. She was so excited to have them done. And from what I hear - the boys both loved them.

I have one more quilt that I would love to get quilted before I go to Indiana - so I can have some more spending money! This one has already been pin basted and so I will have to dissect it before I can load it on the machine. She wants echo quilting done around the applique shapes in the quilt blocks. I am a little nervous about this!

I also need to measure a quilt that is sitting here waiting to be quilted. My friend Christie made it for her daughter's bed. It started off as a queen size quilt, but when they moved recently, they gave their daughter their old king size bed. So Christie enlarged the quilt by adding a border. Now I am worried that it will be too big for my quilt frame. I may have to haul it to Indiana with me and talking Nina into helping me get it done on her big 14 foot frame! I am just gonna do a big meander so it shouldn't take too long. Her quilting room is located out by her "Guest Suite" - so I could always sneak in there and do it at night!

I guess I should go do something useful! The house looks like a tornado hit. I'm not sure there were any survivors!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quick update!

Tuesday -

There were no sub positions today so I have had another day to get the twins' quilts done. I finished quilting the first quilt yesterday morning and then got the second one loaded on the machine yesterday afternoon. I got it about half quilted last night and finished it up this morning. While waiting for some cupcakes to bake (for tonight's soccer party), I got the edges trimmed. The fabric she sent for the bindings turned out to be extra wide - made for a backing. Really cuts down on how many strips I had to cut and piece together! The binding for the first quilt is all pieced and ironed and draped over the quilting machine. I am avoiding it. My least favorite task is always putting on the binding. Just ask Nines - I usually try to avoid it like the plague.

The lady I quilted these two quilts for is coming to town tomorrow night and graduation is on Thursday night. I really want to get these done and give them to her tomorrow night at church.

So which one of my lovely blogging friends wants to come help me?

Where did everybody go?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Where has the past month gone?

Sorry - but this post will have to be picture-less - I can't find my camera at the the moment - let alone the cord to hook it up to my laptop!

This past month has been busy. I have hosted a double bridal shower, gone on a trip with DH to San Antonio, and been a sub lots of times at both kids' schools. Here in Auburn, it is the last week of school and everyone is a little bit hyper. Every night when I tuck Ian into bed, he gives me a count down on the days of school that are left. I'm just ready to be able to sleep in a little!

While in San Antonio, I took a cab to the closest quilt store. It is called Las Colchas - which is Spanish for The Quilts. It is located just north of downtown in a cute little cottage style house. I found some beautiful fabrics for one of the baby quilts I need to make this summer. The mama-to-be is doing the room in browns and blues. I will post a picture of the fabrics when I find my camera! The funniest part of the trip to the quilt store was the trip back to the hotel. The cab ride there cost $6. Trying to save myself another $6 (plus the fact that I would have had to phone the cab company to get a cab) - I decided I could take a public trolley back downtown. The store owner told me where I could catch the trolley (she was wrong!). I walked the 5 blocks to the BUS stop and waited there for 20 minutes - with no sign of a trolley or a bus. Finally, I gave up. I could see downtown from where I was. It started only a few blocks away - really! Being a girl that used to live in NYC, I decided I could hoof it. How far could it really be? It turned out to be several miles to our hotel. But I got a nice walking tour of San Antonio while I was roaming around. Plus all that extra exercise let me indulge in more chips and salsa at dinner!

This week I am feverishly trying to finish quilting two graduation quilts for a set of twins we go to church with. Their grandmother made the quilt tops and is hiring me to finish them for her. Craig's quilt is on the machine and is about one third quilted. Clint's quilt is waiting. Their grandmother is mathematically challenged. When I emailed her how to figure out how much the quilting would cost (cents per square inch) she emailed her daughter and said "It is either going to be twelve cents or nine thousand dollars!" Unfortunately, when I got the piles of stuff from her - the tops are both slightly bigger than the backings! UGH! I am also supposed to be binding them both for her. Graduation is on Thursday but I don't know if I will get them done by them. The boys have already seen the tops so it is no big deal.

I also have another quilt waiting to be quilted. I was in our local sewing center last week to buy fabric to make a baby quilt. The quilt owner's wife asked me if I would please take a quilt she had made for her daughter and quilt it. It has been sitting there for over a year, waiting for her husband to do it on a regular sewing machine. Now the daughter is getting married and wants the quilt done! So the quilt came home with me. At least I should have a lot of spending money when I go visit Nines in a few weeks. Yes, I am already planning on falling off the "No Buy" wagon!

Time to get busy! What have you been up to?