Friday, May 29, 2009


I have been sewing a lot this week. The kids are home for the summer and we have been being lazy! I sew for a while, then we go to the pool until I get too hot, then come home and take a nap!

This quilt pattern is from Bonnie's site. The pattern is called :Strip Twist". A friend of mine, Kathi, from the local guild quilted it for me on her Gammill with the Statler Stitcher. It is amazing! We did a eagle with its wings spread in the triangles around the edges. In the center I did a free-hand stars and loops. This week I finally got the binding put on it and mailed it to Kathi's step-son. He is a solider and has been to Iraq several times (if I am remembering it correctly!)
- Click for bigger pictures!

I have declared this the summer of the UFO. I am determined to finish up some of these unfinished projects that are sitting around here haunting me! Today I quilted a quilt that will be donated to our guild's charity group. I also have some blocks that I am going to donate to them. Two down - lots to go!


Shasta said...

This is a beautiful quilt. It looks wonderful. I've been declaring it the Year of the Finished Quilts several years in a row. I do make progress, but then I start new projects!

cjh said...

That is very nice. I love the block pattern with the red/white/blue colors. And thank you for donating to such a great project.

Shanna said...

Oh, I just love this quilt!!! You did an amazing job on it! I attempted this pattern with too many different pieces and ended up making something completely different...yours looks amazing!