Friday, November 04, 2005

One down - too many to go!

I managed to get this wallhanging/lap quilt of my mom's quilted today. I just did loopty-loops in the borders and the alternate squares. I couldn't do much in the signature blocks because some people's handwriting was tiny! So those blocks are kind of poofy! I decided to do mom's quilts first because I can save on postage and hand deliver them next weekend AND I don't have to bind them!!! Yeah!!!

I would like to quilt her other one tomorrow but me and Maddie are going to an all day Badge Day at the University. Brownies and Girl Scouts can earn two badges in one day. That also means that hubby and pirate boy will get to spend the day together. Maybe they will get the urge to clean house! It could happen! Maybe in some alternate universe? Or maybe just in my dreams!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much!

love, mom

Bonnie said...

The 9 patch quilts are darling....I really do like the simple ones best, they have heart and a purpose! I loved the pic of your little sewing partner too...TOO PRECISOU! That is definately a pic to keep around to show his prom date in about 13 years..*LOL*


Darcie said...

I just love memory or signature quilts. Thanks for sharing your pics, Sarah. And WOOOOOOHOOOOO for the finish...well...up 'til you pooped out on the binding job, anyway! ;-) ;-) ;-)

Joking, of course!

You and yours have a great day tomorrow full of activies!