Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lots of accomplishments

I have already accomplished more today than I have in the past week, therefore, I think it is time to go back to bed. Wouldn't want to shock my system too much!

Yesterday I sewed on the binding for the baby quilt made out of thirties fabrics. I knew it would just sit around waiting for another few weeks for me to do the handwork so I sewed it all down by machine. So quick and easy! This quilt is going to a friend to give to a friend of hers. Her daughter recently passed away at the age of 22, and only 6 weeks after giving birth to a baby boy. So now the grandmother has inherited the baby. This little boy is going to have a tough life without a mama around and I thought he needed a quilt to wrap up in.

This morning I helped my husband clean up a mess next door in the spec house that my husband and a friend are building. They (my husband and friend) installed all the insulation themselves over the past week and the drywallers are coming tomorrow. So me and hubby spent about an hour and a half picking up trash and sweeping up saw dust and stuffing insulation scraps into trash bags. I have had a shower but am still itchy and my eyes are dry.

After doing that messy job I thought I deserved some quilting time. I decided to sew down the other two bindings that were waiting for me. The green squares is just a baby sized quilt I made out of scraps. This will go to the Project Linus contest at the local sewing store. The Wonky Houses quilt is going on the wall in my sewing room. The pattern is on Bonnie's page if anyone is interested. The blocks go together very quickly and it makes such a cute quilt. Both bindings got machined down. It feels so good to get those done! I may just have to go make the binding for the last 30's baby quilt I have sitting there. Not sure if I shared the story of why I have so many 30's baby quilts. I made 60 blocks to make a quilt for my bed and then decided my bed frame was much too formal for a 30's style quilt. So instead I used the blocks to make 4 baby quilts.

I think it is time to go find some lunch. I wish Papa John's would magically show up at my door!


Finn said...

Four quilts bound??? WOW Sarah, you really rock and roll !! They are just lovely. Nothing wrong with deciding to use the 30's block the way you did. I say.."good for you!".
I love the wonky houses, they delighted me on Bonnie's page and yours are just as cute ! Will make a fun edition to your sewing room.
I was amazed how much you got done in such a short time..way to go !! Now I'd better get BUSY !!
Have a great Labor Day weekend !

Dawn said...

WOW! What a quilt show I got today on your page. Love the quilts and I can't believe how much you got done!
You know - I always sew down baby quilts binding like that. With all the wear and tear they get I think that is just fine!