Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor day and I'm laboring...

Yesterday my son woke up feeling pukey and to prove it he started puking! So me and him stayed home from church. He threw up about every twenty minutes all morning, right up until my husband came home with lunch from KFC. So then my son wanted to eat everything in sight! He ate mac-n-cheese, a biscuit, and some chicken. I kept telling him to slow down because he was probably going to throw it back up in a minute! We all laid down for a nap and I was expecting for my husband to start yelling that my son needs me in the bathroom... but he never did. When we got up from nap, son seemed to be his normal happy self. Don't know what it was but I'm glad its gone!

Besides sitting on the couch with my son all morning, I tried to sneak in some sewing. When my son is sick, he wants me right beside him at all times. I did manage to make some cheery 9-patches with some cute blues and a sunny yellow. I used a white alternate block that has some blue meandering through it. I think it turned out really cute, but then I am a sucker for anything yellow and blue.

This morning after recovering my kids rooms from the abyss, I decided it was time to tackle all the labels I need to put on. It is amazing how quickly you can machine sew on a label! None of them are very noticeable from the front. Now I can mail the three quilts off to Houston and take the two baby quilts to the sewing center tomorrow. My sewing room will feel so empty! Time to make more of a mess!


Finn said...

Amazing you got a top done despite all that was go girl !

It's a lovely top..very sweet and innocent. I love it !

Dawn said...

Oh that is one happy little quilt!

Sorry to hear about your son, but I'm glad it was a quick recovery! And isn't it great to get something done like all those labels! Good going!

Bonnie said...

Very cute quilt! I love the super simple familiar favorites. They always make me smile! I'm glad your little guy is feeling better too..I kept reading thinking you were going to post about his barfing on the new quilt :c/