Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Warning - you might want sunglasses!

All of the bright fabrics in my stash have been calling me, saying "Make us into a baby quilt!" I bought this fabric about two years, only because all the pinks were on sale together. The blue and the purple are from my stash. You can't see it too well but the blue has pink polka dots on it that match the other fabrics perfectly. Usually pink is a fabric that I never use. (Have you heard that from me before?) Once again there was just enough for a good sized baby quilt for Project Linus and I am left with no leftovers! I have just enough blue to put on one more border. Some little girl is going to love this PINK quilt!


Finn said...

Hi Sarah, all the quilts you have just posted are soooo lovely and so nicely done. A huge high 5 for you today !!! *S*

I think the watercolor wallhanging is quite lovely. I certainly don't understand how people who don't make quilts come to their decisions to not use what we make, but they do.
I'm assuming that you loved the baby enough to do ALLLLLLL that work(and watercolor is work I think) and that is what counts. YOU did the right thing for the right reason. If the mom of the owner doesn't appreciate the time, love and effort this took, that's her loss. Don't feel bad over someone else's stupidity. You do great work ..Hugs, Finn

Tonya R said...

OOOh I LOVE this quilt and the bright pink, unsurprisingly enough, I know. Very vibrant. But what's this about getting all the purple out of your stash??? I didn't know quilts could exist without purple :)
You've done great.

Dawn said...

Sarah this quilt is wonderful - yes some little girl is absolutely going to love it! It is a very happy quilt.