Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stars for Finn

Yes Finn, we are all still here, just a bit busy! Today was the homecoming game here in Auburn and friends had their annual pancake breakfast. After eating breakfast we hit the grocery store. We got home at 9:56 to discover that the b-day party my kids were supposed to go to starts at 10, not 10:30! So we rush back out the door. The party was at a place called the Sports Academy. They played dodgeball, tug-o-war, and had batting practice. Wore them out! Came home, had lunch, and then I insisted we all take a nap! Tonight for dinner we had "supper club" at a friends house. A group of 4 couples takes turns, one each month, having the group over for dinner. We all get to try new dishes and don't have to cook! Last nights dessert was especially good - chocolate cheesecake! We got home in time to get the kids bathed and in bed by 8:30 pm at which point I too was ready to collapse.

This star quilt is one I made for my newest nephew, Denver, who was born in July. Still haven't met him but we are headed his direction in November. The pattern is one I saw in a magazine and then drafted the stars myself. The magazine used 4 different colors for the star points. I love blue and yellow so I used my scraps for this one. I really like how it turned out.

Finn - I promise to try and be better about posting more often!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Finn said...

Sarah, I love your blue and yellow stars! How neat to make the stars blue and the background yellow. I think most people would have reversed that..I love that you didn't !! *VBS*
Don't worry about have a young family and a busy life..*S* It's always good to see you tho..Keep up the great work !

Dawn said...

Oh Sarah! I love those stars! Very cute for a boy baby quilt! I love it!


Samantha said...

Those stars are very lovely! Lucky baby! And great scrap use, too!

Nines said...

I loved the stars, too. Did you notice that the quilt I took to Florida was the same stars- just one inside another? I love that yours are scrappy. You do a great job with scrappy quilts- something that intimidates me. Nines

Joanne said...

Sarah - love your blue and yellow star quilt, too! All the baby quilts I've made, I've used "baby or bright" fabrics -- I never would have thought to make a scrappy one and I just love that this one is going to a baby boy.

Bonnie said...

Lovely!!! I love the mottled look of the yellow background against all the various blues....beautiful! Denver sure has a sweet auntie to make him this quilt!


Sharon said...

Sarah - I LOVE this little quilt - it is so crisp, yet so soft looking! Just right for a baby boy!

Frances said...

I love this little star quilt too, beautiful,