Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More treasures


Nines said...

You are such an exhibitionist! You know I am incapable of posting even one measly picture and you are throwing them out like there's no tomorrow. Aren't those fabrics so beautiful? The colors are still so saturated. You'll have to put them in a quilt like the one I did for Kelli. You know, you have a picture of that one. Why don't you post it for me? Teehee. Wish we could drag our sewing machines onto the planes and sew all weekend. Order pizza delivered...hmmm well, it was a thought.

Tonya R said...

you are so lucky to have these blocks. Did you ever see the work that Paul D. Pilgrim did where he blended old blocks together in orphan quilts? They were fantastic. There was an article in AQS magazine and a book, called "Quilts by Paul D. Pilgrim: Blending the Old & the New." You might enjoy checking that out.