Monday, August 29, 2005

Inheriting my mom's rejects!

This weekend I took my mom that yellow and red quilt that I had finished quilting. She had another one ready for my to bring home and quilt. She made this quilt for my nephew. She is trying to make and handquilt at least one quilt for each grandchild. When she got this quilt together she decided she didn't like it enough to hand quilt it for Isaac. I, of course, loved it. So she said I could have it! It is currently 84"x84" - so I am going to add a big wide border so that I can use it on my bed. I stopped by JoAnn's yesterday to use my 40% off coupon to buy batting. I walked quickly by their quilting fabric and fell in love with this floral fabric in the bottom picture. I think it goes well with the civil war feeling of the quilt. I can hardly wait to get the border on and the quilting done so I can use it on my bed!

Speaking of batting - does any one have a good source for good prices on batting?

Hope everyone gets to quilt some today!


Finn said...

Hello again, I love the fabric you picked for borders. Really does carry the feeling one gets from the blocks. Lucky you to get to keep this one !!

Leah S said...

Well, sales are the best way to get batting. Last Saturday JoAnn's was having a 13-hour sale and "Warm and Natural (or White) 90" was on sale from $9.99 a yard to $3.99. I grabbed 7 yards. Otherwise I've been using my 40% off coupons or just sucking it in for smaller quilts.

Tracey said...

Oh Sarah....I want your inherited quilt! That is just so pretty and looks so comfy...ready to snuggle in. :o) Why can't I make those really cool scrap quilts that come out so pretty?
Glad that you found bargains at the quilt show...and LOVE the pic of you and your quilt.

Dawn said...

Sarah - I LOVE this quilt also, and also love your other quilts! I've been watching your page!

Thanks for the welcome to the ring!