Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The story of the missing shoe box

On the same trip to my grandparents' house that I mentioned in the previous post, I was going through some sewing stuff with my aunt and grandma (mimi). One of the things we came across was a shoebox filled with various blocks made with 30's and 40's fabrics - the real stuff! There were several different block patterns - dresden plate, grandmother's flower garden, little sail boats. There weren't enough of any one pattern to even make a small baby quilt. I, of course, asked if I could have the box. My grandmother says no, that she might finish them someday. My grandma hasn't sewed in probably 25 years. She's lost most of her eye sight. - But someday she was going to finish these blocks! When Mimi left the room my aunt said she would put that box aside for me and get it to me later. Fast forward a couple of months when my grandparents have gotten everything they want out of the house, had several huge garage sales, and the house is still filled with junk. The new owners of the house were going to bulldoze the property and put up some kind of store. So anything left in the house was going to end up at the dump after being bulldozed!

Of course the shoebox was not to be found at my grandparents new house. It broke my heart to think of those beautiful lost blocks. UGH!

My parents try to go visit my grandparents when they can because they are both in failing health. My grandparents always send them home with boxes of junk for me and my sister and the kids. Usually there is nothing in the boxes that we even keep. So when my mom said she had a box of stuff for my from my grandparents I wasn't very excited.

That is, until she brought out the shoebox!

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