Friday, September 02, 2005

Quilts with no purpose

I just read Finn's post about how sometimes we make a quilt with no specific purpose in mind but somewhere down the road the perfect recipient shows up. I was thinking that exact thought last night as I was scrounging the house for quilts I can send to Houston for the refugees. The three quilts I am going to mail were made about 5 years ago. They were all made in my fruitless attempt to use up scraps; all of them caused me to buy more fabric! Anyway, I was never overly fond of any of them. Not that they are ugly, just not my favorites. One of them my daughter had laid claim to. She doesn't use it on her bed. It hangs on the quilt rack in my bedroom. I picked up the quilt last night and took it into her room. I sat down on her bed and told her about the hurricane (she's only 6) and how it had flooded an entire city, lots of people's houses were destroyed, and they had to go to a different city to live for while. They did not have all of their favorite things with them. Lots of them were having to sleep on the cement floors or in chairs. I asked her if we could send them the quilt. She immediately said yes and asked if she could sleep with the quilt before I mailed it. I went back to my room and a few minutes later she brought me in the quilt and said I could go ahead and pack it.

I am glad someone will finally be using them and hopefully loving them.


Dawn said...

Sarah! What a wonderful story about your daughter! And what a wonderful thought that her sleeping with it for a bit is like her sending extra special love with it!

Finn said...

I think this quilt is spectacular !! If I received it I would absolutely LOVE it ! I think it's a great way to use up scraps and odds and ends, and looks very "planned". And that's meant as a compliment..*VBS* It seems very original and creative to me.
Hurray for you for having quilts that "need" to go somewhere all ready to use..*VBS* Hugs for you dearheart...keep up the great work with your quilts and your sweet daughter. What a joy for her to begin to see the joy of sharing with others.

Bonnie said...

It's a great way to teach our children about people being more important than "things" you've taught her right! The quilts are gorgeous and people are going to love them so much...a real bright spot in the aftermath of so much chaos.


Maggie Ann said...

Love the colors and pattern you have here.