Friday, September 30, 2005

On the subject of UFOs...

Debra, over at , had a lovely talk this morning about UFOs.

Got me thinking. I know, watch out!

Got me thinking about the projects that I start and then abandon, for a time. One project that comes to mind is one of those patchwork sweatshirts. Anyway, when we lived in the frozen tundra of Indiana, I started a flannel one. It was going to make me so nice and toasty in my cold and drafty 80 year old craftsman style house. The first problem I ran into was that I somehow did not buy enough flannel fat quarters to finish this sweatshirt. Not sure how this happened. This was also the same time period that my favorite quilt store was sold to new owners and quickly became not my favorite quilt store! This is the store where I bought the flannel. After an extensive search of most local quilt stores (there aren't many) I managed to round up enough flannel to finish the project. This involved finding other fabrics that would blend with the original 8. But then DH got a new job in the tropical area otherwise called ALABAMA. Do I really need a quilted FLANNEL sweatshirt in order to survive an Alabama winter? No, I think not. I barely need pants to survive an Alabama winter! Don't worry - I do keep my pants on! So this poor sweatshirt has sat lonely in a rubbermaid box, waiting for the day when DH moves us to Sweden! You think I am joking but you don't know our history.

Do you have a moment? Grab a cup of coffee...I'll wait....


I grew up in Wisconsin and Illinois. My husband grew up in Arkansas. We met and married in Florida twelve years ago. After living in Gainesville (GO GATORS!) for one year, he hauls me off to New York City, where he goes to grad school. Three years later after finishing school, we decide NYC is not for us and he finds a job in..... Seattle. We live in Seattle for two years and have our DD. When she is four months old, we decide we can't afford to stay there if I am not working. So DH finds a job in Muncie, Indiana. Where, you may ask, is Muncie, Indiana? It is an hour northeast of Indy. It is home to Ball State University, alma mater of David Letterman. We lived in Muncie for four years and had DS. Then DH gets an opportunity to be a visiting professor at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama . We have been here for two years. So, as you can see, the trend seems to be where ever is the last place on earth that I think I would live, that is the next place we move. So I am trying hard not to think about China, Russia, or Argentina!

Ok, enough of my rambling. I need to go do something productive.


Finn said...

Wow Sarah, you must be a packing PRO !! I love the beginning of your flannel sweatshirt, and I think it's fine for it to remain a UFO..til you need it AGAIN ! *VBG*
I am suspecting that quilting has alot to do with staying sane as you go from place to place...again..WOW ! You are one good sport about all those moves ! Loved your post..*S*

Darcie said...


LOL How 'bout North Dakota?! We'd love to have you!

I love your free-hand curve quilts below...totally wild about the one pictured directly below (brights)! It reminds me of wine bottles.

I'm actually working out some of my own free-form curvacious quilts, too. Great minds think alike! I love teaching free-form things like this...I usually wind up learning just as much or more than the quilters taking the class.


Dawn said...

I love the sweatshirt! Hang on to it because some day you may be moving to Alaska!