Saturday, September 03, 2005

Another Saturday in the South...

I think that fall may really be on its way to Alabama. In other words, it wasn't 95 degrees by 9 a.m.! I was thankful for this because we spent the morning try to cleaning up the building mess next door at the spec house my husband and a friend are building. This involves picking up cut up shinlges, bags from the grout, broken bricks, all sizes of left over lumber and sheathing. You get the picture. We filled a 8' by 20' dumster about 75% full. I keep telling myself that all the labor we put in means a bigger profit in the end, but my legs and back don't really care about profit!

After I gave up trying to be helpful, I came in and took a nice cool shower and then I have been sewing for a while. First, I pieced a backing for the green and yellow kid size quilt I made a few weeks ago. I had a piece of bright yellow yardage that made the perfect backing. I have tried in vain to track down more of the sunflower fabric to make a border with. Oh well, it is still going to end up being about 46" square, which is the perfect size for the Project Linus contest.

Next, I decided it was time to get working on the quilt I am donating to an auction in two weeks! The blocks were all together but it needed a border to be a useful adult size. I found the perfect green fabric at the sewing center the other day - it even had tiny purple flowers that matched the purple in the blocks. I got enough to make a 8" border , which will make the quilt end up being 60" by 80". Now to get the backing pieced, the quilting done, and then the dreaded binding! Yes, and a label. All before the 15th. UGH!

Right now I think I need some lunch!


Leah S said...

Why do you dread binding? The only thing I personally don't like is trying to hide my knot when I'm at the end of my thread. I worry about it coming undone, so I make it extra big, and then I get a poof in the back of the quilt. Small, but quilters know all their imperfections. :)

Finn said...

Great quilt usual ! *VBS*
Is it a Yellow Brick Road? I think that is what I am seeing. Still in love with the one below tho...*VBG* You do nice stuff..*S*
I'm having a sewing marathan with Bonnie..still running together strips for the scrappy Trip around the World. At least I'm getting alot of scraps cut up. I'd like to try one like your..Quilt with no purpose. Any tips for me, and do you mind if I use your idea?? I already have alot of fabric cut into various size squares. Yours looks better than if they were mixed into a 9 patch.

Dawn said...

Sarah! I love your quilt below and I love this new one also! But I like green! I"m so envious of you, Bonnie and Finn getting to sew all day today! That was my plan, but oh well - it didn't happen! Your quilt is wonderful!