Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Just a thought...

I was surfing blogs and ran across a lady that was talking about motherhood and how its not always what she signed up for. One of the things she mentioned is how she never gets to finish anything . Something went click inside my head. I know...scary thought! Anyway, it made me think that this reasoning might be why I fell in love with quilting. It (a quilt) is something that I can actually get to a finished state without anyone coming along to mess it up. Sure it may not be done as quickly as I like sometimes but eventually it will get done. Unlike cleaning my house, cooking, laundry, etc. All of those things are nothing but a vicious cycle that never ends and usually only gets worse!

Yet another reason I love QUILTING!


Bonnie said...

I so agree with you on this one! Whatever stitches or progress I've made, even if it is only 10 minutes worth..I have something to show for it. Forget having anything to show for the piles of laundry we wash, the dishes, the toilets, the grocery's endless and always undone.

I hope you took at least 10 minutes of stitches worth today!


Nines said...

And it is so creative and SOOO you! Getting something done and having tangible proof of it is priceless. It inspires me to do those things that aren't so tangible- because maybe I am a capable person afterall!Love you more than Moda dots! Nines