Wednesday, October 26, 2005

War Eagle!

Today all the first graders took a field trip to the Auburn University Athletic department. Yes, yours truly was a chaparone. We got to see the women's softball field, the gymanstics department , and of course the football facilities. Lets just say that you can see where all the money in the university goes (and where the money comes from - football!). Out guide showed us one room where the football players bring their schedules at the beginning of the semester and are handed all the books they will need. We wouldn't want them to have to wait in line at the bookstore with the commoners and have to find the books for themselves! Anyway, we got a little pep talk from Coach Tuberville and Maddie got theback of her shirt signed by him. Sorry I cut of your head in the picture, Coach! The last picture is of me and Maddie during lunch time. We are all home now and getting ready for a nap! I am worn out! This trip made me even more thankful for public school teachers. They must have extra large amounts of patience!


Finn said...

Hey Sarah, nice to see your smiling face..*VBS* and what a beautiful daughter(again..*S*) you have ! Those trips are hard on us poor parents I think. I got to tour the County Jail with a bunch of rowdy 4th graders. I had hold of the belt loop (back) of one the whole time...LOL. Maybe should have left him there and let HIS parents wonder..*G*

Finn said...

Forgot to say..about Marsha McCloskey..I don't have Block Party, but I really, really like her 100 Pieced Patterns for 8" blocks..have had it for years and use it quite abit.

Dawn said...

The picture of Maddy getting her shirt signed is just cute cute! She is adorable in the pic with you! What fun!

My daughter is in college and hanges out with some of the boys track team and they refuse to wear anything but sweat pants and T-shirts because the college washes anything considered athletic wear for them. So they only wear that so they don't have to do laundry - BOYS.