Friday, October 07, 2005

Ideas, anyone?

This is the assortment of coffee fabrics that I have collected to make my father-in-law a "coffee" quilt. My FIL and DH are both coffee snobs! And I don't drink the stuff. Love the smell though.

So now what I need is a good manly pattern. This is where you all jump in and say "I have the perfect idea for you, Sarah!" I would love to get this done in time for christmas, actually Thanksgiving. We are headed to Arkansas to see them at Thanksgiving and I would like to take it to him then.

So - everyone think hard and let me know what you come up with!


Dawn said...

Oh Sarah! These will be perfect! Well lets see, you caught me off guard and I'm still at work LATE so a bit brain dead. There is always Turning Twenty or Yellow Brick Road - you can't go wrong with those AND they are fast. Oh another one that would look good I bet is if you do Bonnies Bricks and Stepping Stones with it. Bet that would work really well also.

Tonya R said...

Love the fabrics. I love the smell of coffee too and that finally convinced me to start drinking it once in a while. With lots of cream. mmmm. My husband, also a coffee snob, says it doesn't taste like real coffee. As far as a pattern goes, I'm stumped. Sorry.

Darcie said...


I can smell your fabrics from here! How cool!

So glad that you appreciate the java's aroma! ;-)

I agree with Dawn's pattern suggestions. I also really like your free form curves. How 'bout chunky, squarish ones like that bright quilt of yours that's down below? Or free form curved: either Roman Stripes; Rail Fence.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

Nines said...

101 Rotary cut quilts has a quilt called Scotch plaid that would look good and is very fast. It would be adaptable as a scrappy quilt. Love you! Nina