Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sarah needs.....

I took Spamantha's advice and googled "Sarah needs" and these are my favorites:

Sarah needs to get her life back and establish herself as the person in charge!
Sarah needs your help.
Sarah needs someone who can escort her from port to port.
Sarah Needs A Cold Shower.
Sarah needs to learn how laws are made.
Sarah needs to be hooked up to a respirator.
Sarah needs to play.
Sarah needs to feel peaceful, and also needs to feel equal to someone.
Sarah needs medicines.
Sarah may need to re-assess any joint life polices she has with her husband.
Sarah needs a new home right away!
Sarah needs some straight talking advice.
Sarah needs to hear your voice to keep the link strong but she does not need to ask you any leading questions.
Sarah needs to have a stake put through her heart.

This seems to be about all I can handle today. DD is home sick with strep throat - which means DS (if not me and hubby) will come down with it soon. She is upset because she will miss a special "Farm Days" party at school tomorrow. She is doing better than last school year. In the first month of school, she had strep twice, and had it once more later in the year, along with two ear infections (which she never had as a baby).

I had hopes for sewing today but it doesn't look like that will happen! I'm off to clean up the kitchen and scrounge up something for dinner. Where is the maid and cook when I need them?


Carolyn said...

If you find the maid and the cook, send them to my house when you're done with them! I hope your daughter is well soon.

Debra Spincic said...

How about joining us on The Artist Way journey? that's all you really need. . .

Finn said...

Sorry about the change in plans..HUGS for the "no sewing" today...I'll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Dawn said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better soon. If it helps my son got strep all the time when he was younger but grew out of it! So there might be light at the end of the tunnel!

And I'll take that maid too!