Monday, October 31, 2005

New National Holiday

I am hereby declaring today as "Sarah's Sewing Day". My house is clean, the laundry is mostly done, one child is at school, and the other one is still asleep. Hubby just dragged himself out of bed. Oh for the life of a professor!

Anyway - I have not gotten to sew for more than 5 minutes in probably a month. So today I am shirking all other responsibilities and I am going to sit down and sew. First I am going to work on getting the borders put on the coffee quilt so that I can get busy quilting it. I am going to put on a thin cream colored border and then use all the left overs to make squares around the outside edge. Here are the browns that will make up the border.

After that I am going to work on a YBR quilt I am making as a going away gift for our preacher and his wife. They are leaving after Christmas. I have all the strips sewn together and am now ready to iron and then cut everything back apart. I am using lots of blues - all from my stash. I am going for a kind of Monet look. Not sure if it is going to work or not. What do you think?

And last but not least - just a little late - here is my contribution to Stash Sunday. This is a great black fabric with little yellow flowers on it. I bought about 10 yards of it at Hobby Lobby - for $1 a yard. That's right, $1.00 . This particular Hobby Lobby had not been clearancing their fabrics like they were supposed to - so they were having a huge blowout sale. Everything was priced anywhere from $1 up to $5. They had all the sale fabrics piled in these huge cardboard boxes. The boxes were about four feet by four feet and about two feet deep. So they had the bolts standing up in the boxes and then piled up on top of that. So you had to dig for your treasures but there were a lot of great fabrics in there. I think I only spent about $30 but got about 20 yards of fabric. Anyway - this black one is destined to become a quilt backing somewhere down the road.

I'd better get to quilting before the day is gone and all I've done is blog! Why don't all of you go declare your own national holiday and join me in the sewing room?


Finn said...

Oh Sarah..hurray for sewing! I'll be happy to declare this a national holiday, and sew!

I did sew most of the day yesterday, got the remaining 21 blocks(9 patch) and 8 friendship stars done, needed to finish up a red, white and blue Aunt Gracies quilt. I have one done in pastels that needs does a flannel quilt for my oldest son. TODAY will be the day!! Thank you..*S*
Love the $1 a yard backing. Looks like a good quality fabric.
Sooo glad I read YOUR blog first this morning...see ya later with thread clinging...LOL

Darcie said...

Do you have any show and tell, Sarah? I don't need "finished"...but I am dying to see your FIL's quilt!!!

Love your sweet (and cheap!) purchase. Glad you took advantage of the great prices!

PS...your kids are darling! ;-}