Saturday, October 08, 2005

Stash Sunday - an hour early

Since I am still awake at 10:45 pm, I thought I would go ahead and post my contribution to Stash Sunday. I decided to share a picture of my Paris fabrics. I started collecting these about 2 years ago. Someday I will make my daughter a quilt out of these. Not sure how to get them all to work together yet but I am sure it will come to me eventually. Maybe using black?

Anyway, the reason I collect Paris fabric is that me and hubby took a three week trip to Europe a few months before I got pregnant with DD. The last week we were there was spent in Paris. When we were on the subway my DH noticed one of the stops was called "St. Madeleine" for the cathedral located above it. He fell in love with the name Madeleine. THANKFULLY! His previous choice for a girl's name was Matilda. Nope, I don't think so. He fancies himself descended from French royalty - so it is only natural to give his daughter a French name. We did not consider the fact that the name has NINE letters in it! We evened things out by giving our son a three letter name, Ian ! She has managed to learn to spell it.

So if any of you other Quilt Mavericks out there ever see a Paris fabric not in my collection - get me a fat quarter and I'll pay you back!


Tonya R said...

Great collection of fabrics. Thank goodness for Madeleine. Matilda??? eeeuw.

Samantha said...

LOVE the Paris fabrics. If you like to buy fabric online, check out last time i was over there they had some adorable Paris stuff! If I find any in my stash, I'll be sure to share!