Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Favorite Quilting Books

Yesterday on Red Shoe Ramblings, DebR made her own list of some of her favorite books of all time. It got me to thinking about my top favorite quilting books. I know we all have piles of quilting books sitting around, but do you actually ever use some (or any) of them? So - here is my challenge to you. If you could only have five books in your quilting library what would they be? Post your list here in the comments or on your own blog and just let us know where to look!

Here is my list:
1. Marsha McCloskey's Block Party
2. Quilter's Complete Guide by Fons and Porter
3. 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts by Hopkins and Martin
4. Fast Forward your quilting by Dina Pappas
5. Scrap Frenzy by Sally Schneider

Whats' on your bookshelf?


Darcie said...

Goodness Sarah...you're just too organized for your own britches! ;-) I am going to try this though...playing hooky this morning from work...feel a cold coming on...guess playing "media tech" would be more productive that surfing, wouldn't it! ;-)


Dawn said...

I saw this on Finn's blog so started thinking about this. I can't do it!!! There is just too many book in the world for me to limit it to 5! My top 2 picks off the top of my head though (I'm at work so not completely in the quilt mood) is:
1. 101 Fabulous Rotary-cut quilts by Hopkins and Martin
2. Vintage Quilts: Identifying, Collecting, Dating, Preserving & Valuing by Bobbie Aug, Sharon newman and Gerald Roy.