Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Easily Amused!

I was just roaming around our Quilt Maverick blogs - because I don't have anything else to do. Oh - other than get my house clean before my entire family arrives in about five hours. I work best under pressure! Plus you can already see the floor in all of the rooms - not that the floor is clean. My DH said this morning on his way out the door - "You might want to clean up the dried milk on the floor where Ian spilled his cheerios!" Thanks for that little bit of helpful advise! I told my sister yesterday on the phone that I was busy cleaning house. She told me not to do that because otherwise they won't have anything to do while they are here! (Me and DH are leaving, remember?) What I am really worried about is that I will come home to find all my furniture rearranged. My sister LOVES to rearrange furniture and then she will drag my mom into it and who knows what will happen before we get home Sunday night!

Before I get back to the grindstone - I wanted to ask a simple question. Does anyone else ever try to pronounce the letters that blogger makes you type in to leave a comment for someone? Not a whole lot of vowels usually! I just left a comment for Finn and the letters were "SQNDRMIK". Hmmm. I think that would be something like "skindermick". Skindermick is, of course, milk from an undernourished cow in Ethiopia. I think I should go lay down. All the fumes from the cleaning products have obviously gone to my head!

OK, back to cleaning the bathroom. UGH!!!


Nines said...

How about skundermuk? You know, the stuff you're cleaning out in the bathroom. I'm putting off the MIL bathroom duty, but it needs to be done, so better face it like a man. Love ya!

Finn said...

oh my gosh...the fumes are getting to you...LOL...I'm lucky if I remember the YBR is for yellow brick road...LOL Gotta love ya Tracey...*VBS*