Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sunday Stash, a little bit early, again!

Nines is probably thinking to herself, "Of course Sarah bought more blue fabric!" I think the blue with the green dots is stretching my boundries! I got all three of these on our recent trip to Savannah.

I got the rows sewn together on my FIL's quilt but my head started pounding when I was trying to arrange the rows in a pleasing order on the floor. So that will have to wait until tomorrow - or maybe I will get hubby to do it tonight!

After I get the coffee quilt put together I hope to get the borders put on the quilt I got from my mom. Remember the beautiful one she didn't like until she saw the floral fabric I found for a border. You can check out my blog entry about it back around the end of August. After those borders get put on, I need to get to the actual quilting on a long list of quilts.

Needs to be quilted:
1. FIL's coffee quilt
2. mom's lap quilt
3. CW quilt I got from my mom
4. hot pink baby quilt
5. 30's repros trip around the world baby quilt
6. 30's repros streak of lightning baby quilt
7. blue YBR lap quilt

Now if I could just mail one of these out to each of my long-arm quilting friends on our Quilt Maverick list, my list would disappear quickly! But then my hubby might wonder why he spent his money buying me a mid-arm machine! Oh well!

Ian and hubby are ready to finish watching Batman Begins, so I guess I'll close for now.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Debra Spincic said...

The circles, definitely!

Nines said...

What is it with lists? I have been making my own and well... I trade ya! I loved all the fabric- even if it is blue. Thought the pictures of the kids were adorable!I miss you so much.