Monday, October 24, 2005

Coffee anyone?

Yeah! I got the coffee quilt top put together. I really like this pattern. It is called "Hip to Be Square" by Busy Bee Designs. Sort of the YBR theory. Anyway, I really like how it turned out. I am going to add a skinny border out of a cream fabric and then a wider border out of a dark brown. My FIL is a large guy - probably 6'2" and several hundred pounds. So I needed to enlarge the quilt a little!

Now it is time for a short nap. Lots of crabby people around here!


Deb R said...

Hi Sarah. I cruised over from the link you left when you commented on my blog. I love your coffee quilt top! Way cool!!

PS...and yep, I read the sequel to "Time and Again" and liked it a lot too!

Nines said...

This quilt is a lot of fun. I can almost smell the coffee. I like how you didn't have to whack up all the fabric- you can still see the design on some of the larger prints. Thanks for the shoulder, today, as always. You're the greatest and I have a blog all dedicted to you, working in my mind... Are ya nervous?

Darcie said...

Mmmmmmm...delish! Great choice on the pattern, Sarah! I can just "smell" this...cozy flannel on the back perhaps? Yumm-o!

Your FIL better appreciate you lots for this! ;-)


Dawn said...

Sarah - this was a great pattern to use these fabrics! I love it! I'll have to remember this pattern for future novelty fabrics!

Samantha said...

love the fabrics and pattern- great piece!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Thanks for using my "Coffee Break" fabrics by Clothworks in your quilt! I love it! I'm always delighted to see someone make something from my designs! I'm glad you liked them enough to use them!
Diane Knott