Monday, October 17, 2005

I'm Back!

I have returned from our quick trip to Savannah. It is a lovely town. Did a little touristy stuff. Hit Joann's and two quilt stores. Saturday I was brave enough to go on one of those sightseeing trolley rides that took us all around the historic parts of town. Unfortunately John Cusack (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) was not in town - but I did see the Mercer House where it was filmed as well as the bed and breakfast where Kevin Spacey stayed when he was in town. We also ate dinner one night at "Uncle Bubba's", the restaraunt owned by Paula Dean and her brother. Great fried shrimp and key lime pie.

I had packed my coffee fabrics, my cutting board and my sewing machine so I could sew at night. Notice what I forgot? Yep, my ruler. After being bored Friday night, while hubby was at meetings until 11 pm, I went back out Saturday morning and bought me a new ruler. So I got to sew Saturday night, while hubby was at meetings again!

My parents, sister and her kids, and my two kids all survived their four days together. My grandmother and a girl friend drove up Friday from Florida and ended up spending most of their time at the mall. They got to town around three on Friday, took a nap at the hotel, came to the house long enough for dinner. Saturday they hit the mall until about 4 and then showed up for dinner and a little bit of visiting. Sunday after church and lunch , they took a nap and came to the house around 4. By this time I was home. After evening church, they decided to go on back to the hotel and then left early this morning. I don't understand. All 5 of her great-grand children are at the house. She has spent 7 hours driving to get here. Strange but true.

So I have my house back to myself now. Peace and quiet!

Here is my contribution to Stash Sunday. I was attracted to the little letters. They are about 3/8 inches tall each. Not sure where this will end up being used.


Sharon said...

It could end up here at my house! I love fabrics with words and letters on them. All my friends seem to find different pieces here and there. I am going to send them to your blog to see this fabric. I love it!

Dawn said...

Oh this is such a fun fabric! I don't think it fits Sharon - better send it to me!!!! :)

Finn said...

Great fabric find Sarah..sound like you had a good time despite some confusing behavior from the greats and grands. All I can offer is that it seems to the "way" it gets,,, seniors, they seem to do best with what is "normal" behavior for them..i.e. shopping, not spending time with the ggkids. Sad, but I am seeing it happen more and more. Same kind of thing at my sister in laws wake week before last. The more elderly they were, the less they could seem to relate to my grand kids, whom they hadn't seen in ages.

Samantha said...

Love that fabric! I can think of all sorts of fun stuff to do with it. FYI- we've set up a group on Flickr for Stash Sundays! Check it out at:

when were you in Savannah? I was there 10/14 as well as 10/11! (For me that's a big deal since I'm generally in Denver!) I LOVE Savannah, and secretly hope one of my kids will want to go to SCAD!

Nines said...

I miss you! Glad you are back. When and where is the next big trip. Are you home for the holidays? I sent you a little something in the mail- maybe you'll get it, tomorrow. I only have 5 more quilts to finish before Xmas. Now, that doesn't include the 10 or so others that would be nice if I could finish by Xmas. sigh. But it IS progress. What are you working on?

Sewcatherine said...

This fabric looks familiar to me...I think one of my girls had a dress made with this. It is outgrown and passed on to my sister. So, I approve!!